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Lowe’s Credit Card: Benefits & Rewards In 2024

Lowe’s Credit Card: Benefits & Rewards In 2024

    Lowe’s Credit Card: Lowe’s is one of the most reliable brands selling high-grade home improvement products. It keeps on upgrading its services and products to attract customers.

    You will get amazing deals from the best Black Friday sales to certain rewards in Lowe’s stores.

    The store also offers credit cards to its customers. This credit card provides many benefits and rewards to users. However, it is similar to other credit cards and has certain limits.

    This blog will discuss everything related to Lowe’s credit card, the application process, offers, and logging in.

    Lowes credit card

    How Does The Credit Card Of Lowe’s Store Work?

    Customers of Lowe’s stores get specific financing options for their home renovation and improvement. Lowe’s credit card helps to get these financing options.

    Lowe’s credit cardholders get several benefits from this credit card, such as a 5% discount on some purchases and financing options on items above $299.

    In addition, customers with Lowe’s credit cards will have to make a fixed payment for 84 months on a low annual percentage rate on items of $2000 and more.

    Moreover, cardholders are eligible for various financial deals and discounts Lowe’s stores offer.

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    What Is The Procedure To Get Lowe’s Credit Card? 

    You can apply for Lowe’s credit card online or offline. In the offline method, you must visit any nearby Lowe’s store outlet and fill out an application form. It will take only a few minutes to get a credit card.

    You can also apply for Lowe’s credit card online. You have to qualify to gain this credit card. If you do not prequalify, continue with the regular application process. Then you must write four digits of your social security and mobile numbers.

    Now, you will come to the page wherein you have to write your name, last name, and email ID. Finally, you can get Lowe’s credit card after entering all the correct details.

    You can log into your credit card account by entering your user ID and password. After the login process, you can view all your pending bills, online transactions, and other details.

    Benefits Of Getting Lowe’s Credit Card

    Lowe’s credit card is one of the best things customers must get to enjoy offers and exciting deals. Customers will get a wide range of benefits after getting this credit card, such as:

    1. No annual charge 

    This credit card has no annual charges if you make regular monthly card fees and payments. You should also keep a good credit score to get discounted products without annual charges.

    2. Discount on purchases of Lowe’s products 

    One of the significant benefits of getting a Lowe’s credit card is a discount on purchases. Every cardholder will receive a discount of 5% on various purchases. This discount will save many dollars while buying home improvement products in large quantities.

    3. Zero percent interest on purchases

    You can either get a discount of 5% on purchases or 0% interest for the first six months on any purchase. It means you can buy an expensive product for your home from any Lowe’s store without paying interest for the next six months after getting this credit card.

    Points To Remember While Using Lowe’s Credit Card

    • This credit card is applicable only at Lowe’s stores and not in any other retail stores.
    • Customers who do not make regular payments must pay $40 as an additional charge.
    • A good credit score is necessary to apply for a Lowe’s credit card.

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