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Lowes Customer Satisfaction Survey

Www.Lowes.Com/Survey is the website where you can participate in the official Lowes survey, allowing you to enter into USD 500 Sweepstakes.

To win a USD 500 gift card check, enter the ‘Lowes customer satisfaction survey Sweepstakes.’

Welcome to lowes survey at

Lowes $500 Sweepstakes is a monthly random drawing method. Lowes will announce the winner by a ‘random drawing’ process. The eligible Sweepstakes entries submitted by the participants during each relevant entry period are considered for the random drawing.

Lowes Customer Survey Details

Mandatory buy at Lowe’s is not necessary to enter or win. But making a sale would not increase your chances of winning.

The Sweepstakes period starts on February 4, 2023, at 12:00 AM Eastern Time and ends after February 2, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET.

Cohen-Friedberg Associates, Framingham, MA 01702, is the one who administers the Sweepstakes. Lowe’s Companies, Inc., is the official Sponsor of the Sweepstakes.

Lowes $500 Sweepstakes promotion to its consumers
Survey URL:
Official Site:
Sponsored Company:Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
Age Limit:18 above
Available Locations:Online survey and mail-in method
Receipt Validity For:Seven days
Prize:Five $500 cash checks for winners
Entry Limit:One entry per person monthly
Entry Method:It is not required if you opt for the Mail-In method
Is a purchase necessary:Not necessary if you opt for the Mail-In method
Winner Selection Criteria:Random Drawing
Period:February 4, 2023 – February 2, 2024
Details the participant needs to enter Lowe’s Sweepstakes in 2023/2024

What Are The Prizes Offered For Taking The Survey?

Five (5) prizes are awarded to the selected candidates every month.

Each announced winner would receive USD 500 in the form of a check.

The winner is responsible for any federal, state, and local taxes resulting from the acceptance of the prize. If lost or stolen once received, each tip shall be retained. Sometimes, the Sponsor cannot award a bonus due to circumstances beyond their control. In that case, the Sponsor may award a substitute prize of equal or more excellent retail value at the Sponsor’s sole discretion.

The probability of you being announced as a winner depends on the number of eligible application entries.

Sweepstakes Periods

“Entry Periods”:Entry Period Begins at 12:00:01 a.m. ET:Entry Period Begins at 12:00:01 a.m. E.T.:Anticipated Drawing Date on or about:Entry Period Ends at 11:59:59 p.m. E.T.:
Entry Period #12/4/20233/3/20233/13/20233/7/2023
Entry Period #23/4/20234/7/20234/17/20234/11/2023
Entry Period #34/8/20235/5/20235/15/20235/9/2023
Entry Period #45/6/20236/2/20236/12/20236/6/2023
Entry Period #56/3/20237/7/20237/17/20237/11/2023
Entry Period #67/8/20238/4/20238/14/20238/8/2023
Entry Period #78/5/20239/1/20239/11/20239/5/2023
Entry Period #89/2/202310/6/202310/16/202310/10/2023
Entry Period #910/7/202311/3/202311/13/202311/7/2023
Entry Period #1011/4/202312/1/202312/11/202312/5/2023
Entry Period #1112/2/20231/5/20241/15/20241/9/2024
Entry Period #121/6/20242/2/20242/12/20242/6/2024 Sweepstakes entry periods for 2023/2024


  • Legal residents of the United States and Washington DC are allowed to enter Lowe’s $500 Sweepstakes.
  • The participant must be 18 years old & meet the age of their majority.
  • The participant must not be associated with the Sponsor, Administrator, or any related organizations in the six months before the Sweepstakes. If not, the client is not eligible to enter or win. The same applies to their Immediate family and household members.
  • In this statement, Immediate family means parents, step-parents, legal guardians, children, step-children, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses.

Winner Selection & Notification

The Lowes monthly Sweepstakes administration follows a schedule to conduct a random drawing to select the winner. For 2023/2024, the Administrator has already provided the fixed drawing dates schedule.

All Sweepstakes prize winners will get a notification via Phone, Email, or overnight mail, whichever is correct according to the situation.

Once the Lowes Sweepstakes administration notifies the winner, the Selected person should respond to the notification within seven business days of the attempted notification date.

Enter Lowes Survey Online

Once the Lowes Survey is completed, you will automatically get an entry to the corresponding monthly Sweepstakes. Remember that online survey entry is valid only seven days (7 days) from the sale receipt date.

Regardless of the method of entry, there is Only one entry limit per month for one person or Email address.

During the monthly Sweepstakes period, each person or household is only eligible to win one prize (a $500 check). Entries will not be carried over for later monthly drawings (if applicable).

Steps Involved In Completing The Survey Online

Here is the step-by-step guide to take the Lowes survey at URL to get a direct entry to the $500 monthly Sweepstakes

  1. Visit

    The official Lowes survey website located at is the page where you start taking the survey questions and providing your homepage

  2. Enter the 18-digit I.D. code.

    Find the 18-digit survey I.D. code on the purchase receipt and enter it into the field available on the homepage.enter 18-digit survey code printed on the receipt

  3. Give Your Feedback About Your Lowes Visit

    Please answer the questions by the Lowes survey, provide your feedback advice, and let them know what you feel about Lowes.

  4. Choose To Enter the Sweepstakes

    After the survey, you can choose to enter the $500 Sweepstakes offered by Lowes.

  5. Provide Your Contact Information

    To the Sponsor of the Lowes 2023/2024 Survey Sweepstakes, contact you in case to let you know you are one of the five winners; they need your contact details.

  6. Know The Winners

    To know the Sweepstakes winners list, mail to Lowe’s 2022-2023 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes” Winners List or Rules, P.O. Box 2312, Framingham, MA 01703-2312. Or, visit this link.

An alternate method of entry

Correctly hand print on a 4″ x 5″ card; details include your complete name, street address (note that there are no P.O. Boxes), City Name, State Name, ZIP Code, Age, Daytime phone number, and Email address (optional), insert in an envelope.

Do mail this envelope to Lowe’s 2023-24 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274, USA.

The latest update on Lowe’s survey is that customers can now directly scan a Q.R. code to access Www.Lowes.Com/Survey webpage. Below is the official Q.R. code from the Lowe’s Home Improvement store card showing the Code.

Www.Lowes.Com/Survey webpage QR code
Q.R. code to access Www.Lowes.Com/Survey directly

17 thoughts on “Lowes Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. I am so pleased with how helpful the employees are when I can’t locate an item or do their best to obtain an answer to my problem or question. I have not experienced this at any other hardware store in town. Lowe’s has my loyalty.

  2. I had a wonderful experience at Lowe’s in Franklin, N.C., today. Matt, your employee, made my shopping experience an absolutely effortless experience in his dept. He knew where everything was and the sizes of the lumber I needed for my project, and I can’t tell you the last time that happened to me. Thank you, Matt & Lowes.

  3. I had the pleasure of being helped by Bay at the Lowes Store, Shallotte, NC, this evening. He was friendly, helpful & very insightful about the product.

  4. My husband & I just ordered kitchen cabinets with kitchen specialist Mike Luminais. He met with us on three occasions, helping us make the right decisions for our kitchen. He also helped us pick the perfect countertops, our kitchen sink & the backsplash! He was so knowledgeable. Thanks, Mike, for all your help!

  5. I have been shopping with Lowe’s in Hendersonville, NC, for about 25 years. My wife and I know almost 1/2 of the staff. We understand that there are issues with some things now and then, but for the most part, we enjoy shopping there, and the Lowe’s team helps out when needed.

    For the past several weeks, I have had the pleasure of working with Seth; he is at the Hendersonville, NC store and always is very understanding and attentive to customers and their needs. We always look forward to working with him on any purchase items. Thank you, and we look forward to our next Lowe’s visit.

  6. We had a GREAT experience with Seth in HENDERSONVILLE, NC, store #31. He is always very attentive and helpful to all our questions and needs. Thank you, and we look forward to working with him again.

  7. We purchase ceramic tiles and a few other things at Lowe’s. Bruce helps us for the second time. He was very respectful and an excellent person to work with, and we appreciate his services with us, and we will come back!

  8. I shopped in the Commack store this morning. Julliet (in gardening) was extremely helpful. I needed to get in and out, and she assisted in finding what I needed. It was refreshing to get old-school service with a smile.

  9. We purchase flooring for a duplex we are remodeling. Eilgo helped us and is a significant asset to working at Lowe’s. He was knowledgeable, polite, and very helpful. We would give him a 10 out of 10. He made our experience a pleasant one and got exactly what we needed.

  10. I am very impressed with CARLA at Lowes in Medford, OR. I am not a “handy” person, but CARLA helped me select two toilet seats to replace old ones in my home. When I asked for help with installation, she suggested I install them myself to save on the cost. She carefully explained how to do it. I did as she said, and the job was just fine. I would not have guessed that I could do the installation myself. THANK YOU, CARLA.
    Best wishes, Audrey DeMott

  11. I experienced two great young men today at the Lowe’s store in Anderson, IN-Will R. and Andy. They were extremely helpful and courteous. They are a wonderful addition to your store.

  12. I had a wonderful experience at Lowe’s in Hackettstown, NJ. In the appliance department, Raschaun, the salesperson, helped to take apart the housing of a range hood light and replace a bulb. It took some time, but he was very patient and polite. He should be recognized for his outstanding customer service.

  13. Patricia Smith Flowers

    Victor helped me find the proper Weed Eater. He was so patient and kind. The executive apologized to the guys who helped me when I purchased the one I had to return. Victor even watched a video to ensure he told me the correct information. He had time to do that when I ran home to get the rest of the parts. I live right down the street. It was one of the most pleasant returns I’ve had in a long time. It was capped off when the Manager, Keydy, assisted with the exchange and gave me a discount on the new one recommended by Victor. Since the return, I have used the one Victor suggested, and I’m so glad he helped me. Thanks, Victor and Keydy, for your excellent service.

  14. Sue helped me in the gardening dept. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Lowe’s in Sunnyvale is fortunate to have Sue represent them in gardening.

  15. Jose Elizondo exceeded my expectations when dealing with a returned item. He went above and beyond to find the object without my receipt using My Lowe’s account. His professionalism is most admirable and very welcoming.

  16. I was in the Lowe’s on loop 288 in Denton, TX, this morning and needed help finding a propane regulator. An older gentleman named Paul went above and beyond to help get exactly the stuff I needed to have heat in my shop. Thank you!

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